My Suesh Mini Buki Brush IS HERE NOW!!!

I purchased this clean from SUESH last Monday. It had been shipped out the next day. But because the seller used Xend, delivery for provincial addresses (in my case, Pampanga) would take about 1-2 days. I needed a mini buki clean to bring beside me wherever I go (and basically because all I have are full size brushes which aren’t very useful to tote around for touch-ups).

I was so glad when I stumbled upon Suesh’s website. Not just a bad deal whatsoever! This is cheaper than Ellana’s which is sold for PHP 300 (exclusive of delivery). It comes with a gold (almost gunmetal) faux leather case. The full case has velcro pieces for opening and closing. Half of the brush head is black and the other half white. According to Suesh, it is manufactured out of all natural high quality goat hair.

It has a hinge on one side allowing it to start like a book. Again, according to Suesh, the clean might be used for blush software when opened up and powder program when became a member of collectively. Although I find it hard to assume utilizing it opened. I haven’t washed it yet (before full blast use) therefore i can’t say if it sheds or bleeds. However, I attempted swiping it against my epidermis and I have to say it’s very comparable to my Bare Escentuals Angled Blush Brush. Bristles are soft although not so thick for powder base application. I must say i think this clean is perfect for powder and/or blush software or simply for buffing out the entire face after bottom makeup program to unify your lifestyle.

Cut out parrot form, glue down with Mod Podge, layer top of image with Mod Podge. Dry with temperature locks or tool dryer. I layered and blended Gelatos (blue, green, orange, yellow, red, white, coral) to the birds body, then did a little highlight and shading with watercolor crayons (white & brown). Dry with a temperature tool or locks dryer. Using a black ultra fine Sharpie I outlined the bird and feathers in a sketchy outline.

Some lines did not show up well so I went back in with a fine tipped liner clean and dark watered down color to execute a bit more outlining. Dry with a heat tool or hair dryer. Using sponge dauber (or finger suggestion) and color (watermelon, sawgrass, sea foam) I created a few random polka dots on the web page. Dry with a temperature tool or hair dryer. Using a piece of mesh, iridescent medium, and makeup sponge, I applied medium through mesh, lifting mesh directly off to leave a raised textured pattern.

  • Lindsay F
  • Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10- $5.30
  • Any areas of the body to focus on
  • Can be used on hands, face, foot, and mind

Dry with a warmth tool or a locks dryer. Add personal markings to web page by using dark ultra fine Sharpie. I placed dots across the edge of all my large colored polka dots and small “X” styles between my square stencils. Use Gelatos in accent and white color to highlight and shade large polka dots. Dry with heat tool or hair dryer.

Use graphite pencil to draw and smudge an outline around the bird to make it pop off the page more. Use brownish chalk pastel to shade around large polka dots, repeat using graphite pencil. Use brownish ink pad and gently rub all outdoors sides of the paper for and aged look.

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