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There are many blogging platforms that you can use on the web. Some of them are great ways to earn money and Blogger (blogspot) and WordPress are just both most popular and easy to use blogging platform and you may ask if which is better. I haven’t tried to use WordPress blogging platform but I really do believe that they have almost the same functions and features with blogger or blogspot blog.

I used to blog using blogger because I am so much comfortable applying this. I am on the Internet blogging some various topics but I simply found blogger to be the best among others. The other plus side to this platform is its user friendly interface that a good 10 12 months old child could easily understand how to blog.

The user interface is the most crucial part of every website or blog so, blogger has it. In addition, it allows you to generate income with your site by displaying Adsense code or any other affiliate marketer links. Blogger for is a much better blogging platform in comparison to WordPress. But, I also think that it always depends upon how you shall manage and create contents for your blog. The most important thing is you are sharing your knowledge and experience to millions of people out there.

How the program works: The program is similar to Rosetta Stone but which incorporates English and Mandarin within the lessons rather than relying only on full immersion. The benefit of using both English and Mandarin is that Powerspeak eases you into the vocabulary learning situation and is able to explain both social and grammar hints clearly, to ChinesePod similarly.

Story-line format for teaching Chinese. Each unit begins with a story where a one who is learning Chinese encounters a situation when they may use the language. The storyplot format is quite effective in assisting you imagine how you would use these words and also in assisting you keep in mind them.

English and Mandarin strategy. What I love about the whole tales is that they are the people speaking in Mandarin, but they also have them speaking in English. That is clearly a realistic situation for English speakers who are starting Mandarin lessons. Familiar words Like most of these Chinese learning programs, Powerspeak begins by teaching how to greet people in the first lesson and how to talk about your family in the second lesson. Following the user listens to the introductory tale, they are trained the vocabulary by using simple video games like matching, complete the blanks and sorting words into phrases.

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Short lessons and audio recording feature. Each lesson is split into very small systems which make it easy to use in small chunks. You can even listen to sound recordings of indigenous speakers saying content and record yourself saying the phrases to see how closely you match the tones.

There are digital “flashcards” too. Powerspeak does not have the highly touted tone of voice recognition software that is roofed in Rosetta Stone, but most reviews don’t appear to suggest that works well anyway. Use to complement. What I really do like about this system is that I can undertake the lessons within my own speed and can pay attention to the sound of the loudspeaker as many times as I want.

A variety of common expressions. I’ve also liked that this program educates a lot of different ways to say the same thing. For example, all the programs show “Ni hao” (hello) in another of the first lessons, but Powerspeak also teaches you how to state good morning hours, good afternoon, good evening, night and goodbye good. Maybe too much for beginner.

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