Real Estate Research Managers

Research managers have finally become so important in property market that their views are almost the starting place of every types of real estate transactions. What do they do? Actually, real estate developers, property managers, property agents, property advisers, realtors, counselors, appraisers, finance and investment professionals, property investment analysts, etc. all rely on the data provided by research managers.

For example research managers gather relevant principal and secondary data related to sales and leasing of commercial property in a particular market in a given time period. Similarly, they find the approximate amount and areas of prepared to move commercial property that is likely to be released on the market in next 90 days.

They also meet the potential buyers of commercial property and clients thinking about taking commercial property on rent to understand their requirement in next couple of months (for example next 90 days). After getting all the relevant data, they evaluate and interpret the info to make it usable for real estate professionals.

  • If the required reserve percentage is 10 percent, a bank or investment company with a new deposit of $1,000
  • Alternative Income – side hustle, blogging, internet affiliate marketing etc
  • Returns are potentially higher in comparison to Fixed Deposit
  • Top Off Retirement Plans
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate: 52%

Users, in turn, use the intensive research results to understand the market, especially the way market will move in next couple of months. Overall, research professionals are accountable for market analysis, forecasting, trend analysis, preparing market reports, analysis of user behavior etc. in different segments and marketplaces of real estate. Weekly Working Environment They are required to work for eight hours. However, for entry and junior level research professionals, only the right part of their job requires them to stay in office. Otherwise, the majority of their requirement is outside of their office and have to work beyond eight hours.

Research managers work with different types of professionals from across different industries and specialties. Education Bachelor’s or master’s level in real estate, urban planning, structures, economics, statistics etc. is preferred. Compensation In conditions of payment, research professionals command word a good superior on the market. Tips for entrance: In India, IDS National Institute of PROPERTY Management (NIREM), and EduMark Realty Education Services offer short-term as well as long-term courses in real property research.

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