WE’D To Head To School

My day began with a visit to the Chateau. Essential I guess for INSEAD Grads’ site visitors, as evidenced by the number of students I noticed there with their guests. Then we had a quick lunch at Chez Bernard (opposite the Chateau entrance) which was ok but also for the rude service.

I expected a siesta break to replace lack of proper sleep evenings of past times, but it was impossible. We’d to check out School, for the first ever Graduation Ceremony in School (actually, a marquee on the car parking lot). I do think this is the best choice, though it noises less attractive than prior graduations in Versailles or Paris.

INSEAD is from Fonty, and my guests were thinking about visiting the institution facilities really. The marquee was pretty impressive from inside though. It was a little hot, but bearable. We’d nice speeches from Dean Fatas, Dean Brown, our guest Speaker -who was astounding (BT CEO), and Tongai from Zimbabwe for the training students. He too was awesome, reminding us of memories and carpe diem.

Then the Ford Prize for highest GPA was presented with to -a surprise to me- Robert the Brit. It verified my theory that the Brits were the biggest achiever group in School, and was great news as Robert embodies flawlessly the ideal student: work hard, play hard. My favourite conversation was presented with in one my favourite Profs -Kevin Kaiser- because it was funny and coming in contact with. He is a genuine guru in every meanings. I really do remember getting up at 8AM in P5, merely to attend his classes for which I had not been even authorized!

  • Understand your attitude to risk
  • Capital equipment (machinery)
  • What MIGHT LEAD TO Business to Fail
  • Anna Sui
  • 30% modification in the currency markets, leads to a 20-30% more guarantee in property assets
  • 48 See supra note 10
  • Apply & get approved for the winning card

Closing the wedding ceremony was an INSEAD alumnus who experienced a great quote for parents too. Fellow MBAs I clapped for each one of you, on stage while you were receiving your degree from brothers Tonio and Franky. Because, as Tongai said, I wished I knew more of you, and more intensively -but that is simply a beginning, and you can reach me always!

And I really do thank those that clapped for me personally, but I suspect my super cool very successful shell necklace played a great part too! In the end, the thing missing was an effective release of energy. The advertising picture was not the ultimate way to end. Anyway I’m sure there’ll be some improvements for future intakes. I liked my Graduation Ceremony anyway.

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