James Beattey And Mark W. Miller

On August 5, 2015, for committing forgery, insurance scams, and robbery, Mr. Edward Young was sentenced to four years in prison. Ed Young and his wife, Judith, have a long background of soliciting insurance products through unlicensed or unregistered entities to Indiana people. Similarly, the Young family once was charged in Ohio of offering insurance products with no an Ohio insurance license.

After researching multiple investment fraudsters, I’ve concluded that, prior to being arrested, almost all of them experienced a general public record of not being reliable, having customer complaints filed with regulators, and having their license revoked or suspended. If consumers had known the financial advisor’s record, she or he could have done business with him never.

Their pension nest-egg would be intact. In 2011, the Ohio Department of insurance issued a “cease and desist” order to Edward Young, Judith Young and Fortune Financial Group for soliciting insurance products to the Believers Christian Fellowship Church (Pentecostal) in Lima, Ohio. According to Ohio Dept. of Insurance documents, conferences were kept at the cathedral, and the Young’s were accompanied by Indiana insurance agencies Messrs. James Beattey and Mark W. Miller, who represented Lot of money Financial Group also. The Ohio matter was similar to a 2007 Indiana dept. of insurance when Ed Young, Judith Young and their child Greg Young were the subjects of the Indiana cease and desist order.

At that point, the Indiana Department of Insurance had received complaints regarding the Freedom 7 Program, MBA, Inc., and an irrevocable life insurance coverage trust referred to as the “Final Tithe.” Church members were the prospective. For over a decade, Ed Young and Judith Young been the main topic of numerous activities by the Indiana Department of insurance and Indiana Securities Division. This year Earlier, according to regulators, between the time he was charged and sentenced, Mr. Ed young attemptedto established up a full life insurance Company in Wyoming.

  • Presenting a perfectly fitted offer
  • Marketing of shared funds,
  • Notes payable
  • Create an Investment Account
  • Warren Buffett, World’s third richest man
  • Home Savings Bank or investment company

The club must have a formal application process that gathers background information and experience on candidates. This should incorporate a criminal background check and you will be paid for out of an application fee. The first time you away switch a con artist, you’ll be pleased you spent just a little on the application process. Candidates can attend several meetings but then need to complete a project to show their value to the group. This is as easy as a 20-minute presentation on something that will benefit the group. This doesn’t mean you can’t accept new real estate investors with little experience.

They can still contribute to the group. Select a new topic in real estate investing, a new trend or funding method that maybe the group doesn’t know much about yet, and assign it to the applicant for a display. Even informal real estate investment clubs need to appoint officials and gather dues.

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