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How to create a service which will send me a notification if information were added on a website(jsoup parsing)? I have to create a credit card applicatoin which will parse a website via JSOUP. JSOUP must look for a new articles on the website. If he found a new article the application will send me a notification.

I don’t know how to create such kind of service. I need to create unkilled(when my app will be shut) service which will look for new articles, for example, every one hour and send me the notification. Is it possible to help me how to write that unkilled service which will check the info every hour?

You needn’t to write the logic of checking out for articles and a framework of a creating the notification, just write me the service. Here is the full example of how to use WorkManager predicated on your needs. Make sure to create a notification channel while you are using the notification. In here explained detailly how to create a notification.

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