Please Don’t Call J-Beauty ‘the New K-Beauty’

A few information experiences have posited that japan market, aka J-Beauty, is the heir to the K-Beauty throne. But experts who are fully immersed in japan beauty picture take umbrage with this correlation. Frances Grant, senior vice chief executive of marketing for Shiseido Makeup products America. And unlike K-Beauty, which appeared to surface almost out of to many of those folks in the Western nowhere, Japan has had a steady foothold in the US market for decades. Many popular cosmetics – cleansing oils, color-correcting makeup products, essences, fiber content mascaras – can all be traced back to Japan.

Korean comparisons away, there is clearly a renaissance of sorts happening around J-Beauty. Makeup artist Troy Surratt, who works with Japanese labs to produce his Surratt beauty line, feels that part of this can be related to the existing social and social climate. Can MOST OF US CONCUR THAT K-Beauty Is Far More Than Just a Trend?

What’s Really Happening With Millennials and Skin Care? Japanese beauty, especially skin care, has been focused on time-honored methods and customs always. Brands like Tatcha turn to that history to see their modern products, using traditional indigenous ingredients like green tea extract, camellia oil and rice to create minimalist – but still sophisticated – formulas. But being steeped in tradition doesn’t preclude J-Beauty from also being innovation-driven. On the contrary: Japanese brands are in reality on the forefront of technical advances in the wonder space.

Take, for case, skin-care brand Adsorb. Previously only available in Japanese medical professionals’ agencies, the new-to-the-U.S. Co-founder Genshi Shigekawa points out that the brand used some fairly progressed research to produce the relative line, relying on research from a professor at the University of Kyoto. As opposed to taking antibodies from small family pets like rabbits (which consequently kills the indegent animals), they draw out them from the yolk of an ostrich egg.

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According to Shigekawa, they can extract up to 800 antibodies from an egg, saving 800 bunnies subsequently. In addition it also brings down the purchase price. Which explains why, he notes, they may be reserved for medical labs and special treatments. Shiseido, one of the best-known Japanese brands internationally, looks to other sciences to inform its products also.

It’s the combo of future-facing technology and Japan’s love of its ethnical heritage, says Surratt, which makes the merchandise best in type. Unlike Korea, where products can be churned out the minute a trend starts to remove, J-Beauty is much more interested in careful refinement and longevity. Among the basic things that a lot of impressed Surratt about Japanese brands was their utter integrity around product claims. This honesty is something we’ve just started to see take hold in West, albeit nearly to the same standard. Turn to brands like Beauty Pie and THE NORMAL Just, that offer full transparency on products and costing.

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