Grand Canyon South Rim And THE VERY BEST 3 Best Helicopter Tours

The Grand Canyon National Park is specially beautiful at the South Rim, and you may take in all of that beauty when you tour the area by helicopter. Flights can be found throughout the year, and can be affordable amazingly. To help you pick the best one for you, I’ve put together this simple list of my top 3 flights at the South Rim. The National Park is huge, but having a helicopter allows you to take in most of the sights, in a short amount of time relatively.

In truth, if you choose the 50 minute tour, then you’ll get to see around 75% of the National Park. Tusayan Arizona, flies to the remote North Rim, and also out to the eastern parts of the park. Although this is actually the costliest South Rim tour, it is my number one pick still, due to the fact it gives you to see so a lot of the area. Some highlights will be the Dragoon Corridor, and the impressive Colorado River Confluence.

If you’re with limited funds nevertheless, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to start to see the Grand Canyon from the environment, then go for the 30 tiny flyover tour. It follows the same route as the extended tour, with the difference being that it doesn’t are the eastern regions of the park.

You will still journey through the Dragoon Corridor, which is the deepest and widest part of the Canyon. This tour is a different one of my favorites, and it allows you to see the Grand Canyon from two completely different perspectives. It includes the typical 30 minute flyover tour, as well as a jeep tour that goes through all of the main landmarks on the floor.

The jeep tour can be an additional two and a half hours, and allows you to see spots like Yaki Point, Mather Point, and the historic Grand Canyon Community where you can enjoy refreshments and shopping. All tours at the South Rim are flyover tours, and you also can’t actually land within the National Park.

This is due to landing plane tickets being banned by the park service. In the event that you do want to experience a flyover trip that lands at the Grand Canyon, you’ll be able to check out the flights that go from Las Vegas to the West Rim. You have to keep in mind that we now have two tiers of tours working at the South Rim, which means you will need to choose either basic or deluxe. The huge difference is in the helicopter that you’ll fly in.

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The deluxe travels use reduced EcoStar 130 helicopter. This helicopter is bigger than the typical Bell Ranger helicopters that are applied to tours, so it allows for a far more comfortable airline flight. The chairs are organized in a stadium pattern, so all 5 travellers get a great view, and the helicopter includes a 180 degree windscreen that allows for panoramic views also. As as you can make it use your budget long, deluxe is your best option to look for always. I hope this has helped one to find the best tour package at the Grand Canyon.

Remember that South Rim travels don’t land within the Canyon, so if you want that experience, then you will need to have a tour to the West Rim from NEVADA. Although these tours all begin in Tusayan, you can also take a one hour flight from Vegas before boarding a helicopter. Go for the extended tour for the most comprehensive air sightseeing, or choose the combination tour if you would like some real experience mixed along with your tour. Whatever you select, make the the majority of your budget, and arrange for an exciting day with a few of the most breathtaking landscape on earth.

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