Candle Thread Making Machine Manufacturer With Low Price And Easy Process

The demand of developer candles, pradips (One kind of Lamps/Lights) is situated in various festivals, throughout the year devotional functions all. Designer candles, pradips can be purchased in the stalls infront of mandirs, masjids, churches and any religious places. The thread of these pradips or candles can be made with two types of candle thread making machines.

One is for circular thread and another is for long thread. This thread can be used for making candles. Initially you have to buy cotton from market. The price of natural cotton is Rs around. 25-30 per kg. A couple of two chambers or closets are attached with this machine. You have to put cotton on these closets in indicated quantity. Now operate the thread and machine will be made in semi-automatic process.

The price of the thread making machine is approximately Rs. Bharat Machine Tools Industries is one of the leading manufacturer, retailer and investor of Switch Board Cutting Machine Manufacturers in West Bengal. They manufacture lots of machines for business and factories. Their machines are known for their longer life, sturdiness, durability and top performances.

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