Bare Minerals Causing Cystic Acne?

I got complimented on my epidermis today. It completely got me by surpise because I have been complimented on my epidermis never. I have already been complimented on my eyes, ambition, and style. But, my skin never. Since I used to be in 7th grade, I have been plagued with those bumps on my face. They undertake many forms and pass many brands including pimples, zits, boils, areas, breakout, cysts, and my least favorite: acne vulgaris (the name just seems horrible!). I have been through many dermatologists, each one striking both my ego and my budget.

It was humiliating sitting in front of each one as they crinkled up their nasal area studying the thing I spent half an hour that morning attempting to hide. They might prescribe it all: antibiotics, face creams, gels, Accutane, and soaps. I dreaded my follow-up visits a whole lot worse than my initial consultations. I knew they might be disappointed in my own progress and make a snide remark doubting I had been following their regimen, which, truthfully, I did.

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Then I would be off on my hunt to discover a new dermatologist, searching for the one which could both help my cause rather than make me feel even more insecure about my face than I already was. I never found “The One”. Defeated, I resorted to over the counter medicatons, Benzoyl Peroxide, daily masks, and Salicylic Acid. Onetime I was in such dispair that I bought the Salicylic Acid for wart removal since it was stronger. But, before you try that, it does not work – well absolutely, unless you count up a stinging feeling followed by no progress treatment!

I tried every one of the name brands, the 3-step informercial systems (you know the ones), and store brands. Each works for a little then the acne would fight – and come out in full drive. I had been now in my own early 20’s and completely envied anyone with clear pores and skin.

I made a comment at work that I would need to perform home and fix my base before participating in a happy hour. The receptionist was astonished that anyone needed to fix foundation throughout the day. I had one friend tell me that I always looked like I needed foundation caking near my nose (uh, thanks?).

I got one very rude colleague intentionally tell me which i had pimples and her sweetheart loved her for her beautiful skin. She was older than me and got no excuse for saying something so hurtful. Goodness, I unfortunately am 35 now and, those comment haunt me. Finally, in my own late 20’s it stopped.

I do not know if it was a mixture of every solitary treatment throughout my life or the simple fact which i was getting older. I needed small surface ones still, however they were the exception rather than the rule. Then, shortly after the age of 30, I switched to Bare Minerals from their fabulous night time commericals. I loved Bare Minerals.

It didn’t itch my skin. It felt so light and made me look glorious, even in pictures. I’d sometimes mix it with moisturizer or water for an ultra sheer look or just do the “swirl, tap, buff”. After a few weeks, I began developing hard knots under my epidermis.

They were deep, painful, had no relative head, and sometimes would distend my face. I had never got this kind of acne before and I had been puzzled. But, I didn’t visit another dermatologist. I simply dealt with it. I tried new soaps and treatments. It occurred to me it could be my real Bare Minerals never.

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