Is Red Lobster Ready?

Look around you pointed out that Kodak is nearly out of business. Growing up in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, every family got a Kodak Camera and I still have one of mine. Those yellow boxes were everywhere and getting the individual Kodachrome camera was seemingly a rite of passage, heck, Paul Simon had written a song about it even. As digital cameras gained popularity, Kodak stuck from what they believed. They sneered at digital’s quality, righteous in their knowledge that Americans would NEVER quit shiny pictures for their picture albums.

Today, cellular phone cameras take most of the pictures and they’re rarely printed. Kodak will shut the doors, appropriate in their assertion that professionally developed pictures look better than low-resolution versions published to Facebook. Being dead and correct is not just a great strategy. Today chain restaurants are either growing or dying much the same as Kodak.

Simply look at restaurants that submitted bankruptcy of late: Claim Jumper, Mr. Pita, Friendly’s, Chevys, Sbarro, Perkins. They are not all dead however they have been from right far. Red Lobster needs a second act not another chance. They are claims frequently heard from legacy restaurant operators. Like Kodak, superior that what has always worked will continue to work.

• Our executives have 30 years of experience and know how to run the business. • We never use coupons, nor do we deliver. • We don’t allow our brand to wander, we protect our brand. • We don’t use online buying, I-pad voice or buying screen buying. • We don’t advertise on Google, Or Facebook Twitter.

• We don’t open for breakfast time. • We like the umbrella strategy each store different personality but under one umbrella. • Video menus and video signage is visceral gimmickry. • We can’t raise our menu prices. How did a dominant sector and brand leader like Kodak, in a rock-solid consumer staple lose everything?

Simple, they determined the marketplace, the direction of that market and had taken the steps to conquer it. If that appears like your restaurant, retail food sector or market leader, you better keep reading. There is little about today’s market, the buyer or food marketing / promotions that was predictable three years ago.

In another three years the rate of change will continue to increase. Reliability and a comfortable working relationship is properly a key to success. However, if you find your team is blaming the economy, minimum wages increases, cost of healthcare and rising food cost for disappointing results. Remember that many restaurants companies are growing both top and bottom line, number of devices and garnering market share. Did Red Lobster say some of that?

If so it might be time for Outside Eyes. We always/never use coupons – coupons and promotions are very complicated today. Add the online aggregators the ilk of Livingsocial and Groupon and how can you know very well what works. Is the point Here, what you measure you control. All advertising must have an objective that is clear and measurable to insure an effective marketing ROI. Is stacking food on the plate a tactic that will drive sales or could it be a positioning ploy of the 1990’s? Will Hello Fresh or Plated take talk about from Red Lobster? We don’t deliver – face it, convenience is a driving a car reason foodservice is popular.

  • Event Attendance
  • He seizes uncommon opportunities to begin a new business
  • Schedule a time to “talk business” with your partner
  • Credit for individuals who learn how to require it
  • Create information in social systems
  • It comes after Object-oriented, imperative, practical, procedural concepts
  • Earn certificates for completed classes

If you do not want to deliver, consider outsourcing. Delivery is not about you. That’s right it is approximately the consumer. Does Red Lobster have a technique for coping with Munchery? We protect the value of our brand and its own integrity for the consumer, our shareholders and stakeholders. We know the buyer is dynamic not static, but our customer’s comeback because we have a brandname promise plus they rely upon us to keep that promise. Sounds nearly the same as Kodak, don’t you think?

We don’t use online buying our food does not “carry” well. Think about this if you don’t have a real way to connect your menu to computer systems and mobile devices, your rivals shall woo your visitors. Individuals are time starved, and hooked on technology, make it easy. Five years back Google or Facebook – as above, setup a Facebook page, it costs nothing.

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