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That’s great about getting ultimately more classes involved. I’ll try and get an English class who want to reveal their ideas with your students in SRC. I can see the entire Faculty system that people are adopting here in some Scottish universities is present there in Western Australia. I believe I will need to create a notice to your PM to ask him why there’s no Business/Accounting/Economics available! I’ll bet they’re very popular subjects at University and Further Education Colleges!

Our Headteacher, Mr Stewart, asked me to create a podcast to talk with you men (I didn’t have time for you to get my pupils to do it on Friday, but will do so in future). I am hoping youe students can understand my accent. Anyway, no BBQ for us I am scared. Anticipate the next post Anyhow!

I really appreciated it. The toast points were better than I expected. They were cold, dry bits of toast, but, they reminded me of some toast crackers I used to consume. Not great Certainly, and I preferred the taro potato chips greatly, but these weren’t awful. My favorite dish of the trip.

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And as before, lunchtime service was created as small plates. The menu again experienced 5 options: 2 cool, 3 hot, two vegetarian, one chicken, one seafood, one beef. I possibly could grab to 3. Which of course, I did. Grilled Ahi, Grilled Escarole Salad, Pumpkin Soup, Bread, Oil, Salt & Pepper.

All were offered together, along with the same oil and bread as last time. The bread had not been very good again, cold, stale. Grilled ahi tuna with quinoa salad, pickled fennel, pickled red onions & cherry tomatoes. This had 3 very large slices of grilled ahi on top, with a few chunks of every of the guaranteed veggies, over chilled quinoa. The pickled red onions were much like those from the cauliflower salad I had fashioned on my last flight, tart, fine.

I liked the pickled fennel even more, a fairly unique element. The cherry tomatoes weren’t particularly ripe. I didn’t look after the multicolor quinoa salad, chilled, mushy, with some fantastic raisins mixed in. I’m not necessarily one for seared/grilled ahi though. My least favorite of my savories. Grilled escarole salad with baby gem, sourdough croutons, parmesan mozzarella cheese & garlic clove aioli dressing.

This reminded me of the infant gem caesar from my previous trip, although I liked it less. The infant gems were about the same, fresh, crispy, but just lettuce. The top shreds of Parmesan were the same also. This right time, the breadcrumbs were replaced by more standard croutons. The menu said sourdough, but, luckily, as I can’t stand it, I didn’t taste sourdough. These were garlicky though fantastically, and crunchy and nice, my favorite part of the salad.

The grilled escarole was interesting. It experienced a nice smoky nature, but, it was relatively slimy, and kinda looked like wilted, brownish lettuce. I liked it, but, it certainly wasn’t appealing. And finally, the dressing. I didn’t flavor the garlic clove in here, and it wasn’t really like an aioli if you ask me. The dressing was thin and kinda just flavorless, but there is plenty from it (the salad wasn’t overdressed necessarily, but, lots of dressing).

I like the adorable little 3 small plates offering style, but this was a bit difficult to consume inside the small pot. My second to least favorite of the savories. Pumpkin soup with confit rooster, caramelized apples & amaretto biscuits. And finally, the soup, the item I kinda picked.

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