Also, FYI Minky Is Hard To Sew 1
Also, FYI Minky Is Hard To Sew

Attention: If you’re a skilled quilter and own one particular quilt cutter–rollie-thingers– you will possibly not want to read this post. The juvenile-ness of it, might cause you to squirm. This consists of my sister-in-law who’s the perfect quilter. Background Quick, this is my 2nd patchwork now quilt. I describe in another post how the first one was lost in San Diego. The very first one was also really small, I made this second one about 4 times bigger.

Step one: Cut out a cardboard square. SECOND STEP: Utilize the 8′ x 8′ square to be the guide for reducing 49 fabric squares out. I did find this tool (green rolly tool– that i have no idea what it’s name is) that I used to trace the square onto my fabric.

It made just a little indention that I could use as my guide for reducing my square parts. THIRD STEP: Decide on the pattern you want for your quilt. Place items so they’re overlapping (since you will be sewing them together). FOURTH STEP: Next, you’ll pin each square (in it’s row) with right edges together. STEP Five : Sew the pinned jointly.

At the end you’ll have 7 long strips all sewn jointly. STEP 6: Next you’re going to take those 7 long whitening strips and pin them alongside the strip above them (right edges together). I really do that one remove at a time. Sew it up, pin another strip on top, repeat 7 times.

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At then end you have your patchwork all sewn collectively, you will need to include it to your minky back again fabric now. STEP SEVEN: Place your (freshly sewn) patchwork squares in the center of the minky fabric. Flip all the sides up and pin constantly twice! STEP EIGHT: Sew the minky fabric in spot to be your boarder. I collapse the edges in and sew up and down each corner.

Also, FYI Minky is hard to sew. It stretches and moves at all times so be prepared for a little extra frustration. STEP Nine: Sew down the middle to keep the fabric all in place. Since I didn’t want this to be too obvious I sewed down middle twice following one of the strips. If needed you might do that heading the other direction, too.

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