Rapid Fluctuation Of Liver Enzymes-viral Hepatitis -Doctors Lounge 1
Rapid Fluctuation Of Liver Enzymes-viral Hepatitis -Doctors Lounge

Firstly, i have to stress that one or a few of the liver organ function tests ought never to be interpreted in isolation.The entire hepatic function panel should be ideally be available along with the normal laboratory reference ranges for a meaningful interpretation. You have provided only the ALT and AST beliefs.Therefore, i could only answer generally terms. Serum aminotransferases: are of two types.

Elevations of the will be the two of the very most useful indicators of liver cell injury. The AST is less liver specific than the ALT. Elevations of the AST level may be observed in severe muscle injury also, (cardiac or skeletal muscle). 2 and the AST level is 400 IU/mL or lower. Common causes of mild increases in AST and ALT levels is fatty liver disease seen frequently in the framework of obesity, diabetes, alcohol and hyperlipidemia abuse. If patient is overweight, weight loss is encouraged.

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