FOLLOWING A Freshmen: Lamar Students PLAN TO Make Most Of Week Off 1
FOLLOWING A Freshmen: Lamar Students PLAN TO Make Most Of Week Off

Mar. 11–With spring break here, Lamar University freshmen are using the class-free week to work, play and rest. I just need a rest,’ said Garrett McLeod, an 18-year-old marketing communications major and honor pupil who lives in the Cardinal Village dormitory. McLeod likely will separate his time between his dorm room, his parents’ home in Nederland and his girlfriend’s home in Liberty. I haven’t any specific plans,’ said McLeod, who would like to golf with relatives and buddies several times through the week. He’s just excited to have a breather from a busy schedule of balancing classes, organizations and friends.

Cierra Doucette, a 19-year-old artwork major, also isn’t quite sure the actual week has in store, but would like to go to Austin for the annual SXSW music event with senior high school friends. I would go if Dashboard (Confessional) is there,’ she said of her favorite indie rock-band. So, more likely, Doucette, who is paying her way through college, will remain in Southeast Texas to pick up extra hours at the job. She probably will take benefit of springtime break by picking up shifts from out-of-town coworkers.

Doucette, who lives with her grandmother in China, works in childcare at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital’s W.P. Hebert Health and Fitness Center. Another freshman, 19-year-old Ebony Williams, also will work during her week off. Then, weekend so she can visit her closest friend the Ozen SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL graduate will need off next, Jasmine Joseph, in Houston.

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The teens will stay in Joseph’s University of Houston dormitory and may attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, watch a step show or play games at Dave & Buster’s, a restaurant with arcade video games for adults. It’s Houston,’ said Williams, who plans to transfer to Texas Southern University in Houston in the fall. Williams, who lives at home in Beaumont with her mom and maternal grandmother, might also take a day trip to Wasserfest, a year-round drinking water park in Galveston.

Ritchie Acosta, an 18-year-old honors and executive student, this week — but in New Braunfels also hopes to get moist. He hopes to help make the trek to Central Texas with about five senior high school friends, men and women he hasn’t observed in months. You should definitely with friends, Acosta expects to make several journeys to local malls along with his two young sisters as well as perhaps enjoy his March 25 birthday early at a Houston restaurant. Week This, he doesn’t want to study for three checks (in engineering economics, calculus and linear algebra) that he gets the Monday and Tuesday back from break. So, week to prepare he studied hard last.

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