Inflammation’s Hidden Role In Weight Loss

Gut bacteria are also moved between humans, in the form of fecal transplants, as an experimental treatment for serious attacks like Clostridium difficile. In one study, obese patients who received transplants from lean donors later got healthier replies to insulin. Short of the type of hard reset of the microbiome, preliminary research has shown that adding even a single bacterial species to a person’s gut can transform her metabolism.

In a scientific trial reported last month in the journal Nature Medicine, people who took a probiotic containing Akkermansia muciniphila-which is normally found in better quantities in non-obese people-saw subtle metabolic improvements, including weight reduction. The analysis authors aren’t recommending that anyone go and buy this bacterium out. However they call it a “proof of concept” for the theory that it’s possible to change a person’s microbiome with techniques which have metabolic benefits.

Over the past decade roughly, multiple studies have shown that obese adults mount less effective immune system replies to vaccinations, and that both underweight and obese folks have raised rates of disease. But we were holding long assumed to be ramifications of obesity, not causes. “WHILE I started my laboratory there wasn’t much known about how the immune system perceives the gut microbes,” Hooper says.

“A lot of individuals thought the gut disease fighting capability might be sort of blind to them.” To her, it was apparent that this couldn’t be the situation. The human being gut is web host to about 100 trillion bacterias. They serve vital metabolic functions, but can destroy a person if they enter the blood stream quickly. “So obviously the immune system must be engaged in maintaining them,” she says.

It made sense to her that even subtle changes in the working of the disease fighting capability could impact microbial populations-and, hence, weight gain and metabolism. Month in a paper in Science This theory was borne out later last. Zac Stephens, a microbial ecologist at the University of Utah, and his colleagues have been working with mice with altered immune T cells. They pointed out that over time, these mice “ballooned,” as Stephens places it.

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